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23 janvier 2024



YOU WANT TO DEVELOP your penis and be powerful on the bed call this number :i made this ointment to stop the shame men face when they realise the girlfriends,soul-mate,wife are not satisfy after the sexuel incourse

even  far you're to me ,you have to send me the money via western union or money gram or any others ways;and  send me also your address to collect the product via DHL or poste adress

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23 janvier 2024



Hello everyone, I am coming here to give the testimony of this wise old man to call a serious and honest master marabout FANDI Of the black magic land benin.(VOODOO  LAND). FLANKLY SPEAKING I didn't believe from the begining but  now for me;that man is the best

My name is Nicole I am of German nationality and I live in Germany my husband had left me for another woman but I contacted the most powerful master so I did not trust at the beginning of the work who wants to do me but currently he made me and my husband came back quickly to join me you who have his different problem I took you to contact him work with confidence .

Really thank you dad.


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23 janvier 2024


The  magic talisman of Love with its Magic Ring inlaid on it and the winning secret of the mystical expressions in Love is for all the people who want to change their love life and their sexual relation whatever the case. As soon as you wear this  Mystic Ring with the Mystic Talisman and recite the Magic Formulas for 10mn per day over 7days, your love life will change and you will get the person you love in your life.Through the Mysterious and Mysterious Magnetic powers of this  Magic Ring, you will be irresistibly attractive.
NB: The winning secret of Magic Words will be sent to you.

 Grand Master FANDI  marabout at your service every day

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D'AFFECTION, retour d'affection de l'être aimé, retour d'affection gratuit, retour d'affection rapide, rituel de retour d'affection, rituel de retour d'affection efficace
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23 janvier 2024



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It is a pearl specially designed to help anyone with envy, witchcraft and other evil spells.
This brand new very effective and powerful product saves you from all evil spirit. It acts preventively as curative; that is to say if you feel symptoms of bewitchment, witchcraft and others, you just need to wear this pearl and within hours, everything will be neutralized and you will be free and holy. Likewise if you wear it, nothing will be able to reach anything and everything that the enemy will do against you will have no effect.

Here are some symptoms to know if you are spellbound in bewitched:

- Regular general fatigue

-Repeated nightmares

-Make sex in the dream

- Repeated insomnia

-Visit of husbands and wives at night

-Regular stress; to quote only those.

NB: For more precision, a free consultation is reserved for you

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OF AFFECTION, return of affection from the loved one, free return of affection, return of rapid affection, ritual of return of affection, ritual of return of effective affection
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23 janvier 2024

sentimental future


sentimental future in LYON, VILLEURBANNETOWN IN BRESSE in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes

Is it good for you to see this person again? Have you just met someone new and would like to know if you have a future together? You are in doubt I answer all your questions and I realize for you a powerful prayer of consultation in LYON, VILLEURBANNETOWN IN BRESSE in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes


Voyance for the couple and the home in LYON, VILLEURBANNETOWN IN BRESSE in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes

Grand Maitre Marabout sorcier noir de l'afrique


TEL:00229 95 62 70 56
WHATSAP:00229 95 62 70 56


23 janvier 2024


23 janvier 2024



If you are looking for  money.If you want to have lots of money as fast as possible just in 1 day. Here is below a mystical way explained to get very rich in just 1 day. To do this job, I need your:

Full name and surname

Date of Birth:...............

2 kids (Male + Female) and sacrifice them at the edge of the SEA.

1 white rooster to sacrifice in the CEMETERY.

2 White Candle

1 bottle of Perfume with a good smell

1 Needle box.

Work takes 4 days at home  from the day the order is placed.

1 Day: the kids will be immolated at the seaside accompanied by a ritual.

2nd Day: The rooster will be killed in a cemetery to submit your request to a Genius of Wealth.

3rd Day: The White Candle, the Perfume and the Needle Box will be used at the temple for an occult ceremony

4th day: You must empty one of your bags and put it in a discreet place in your room. you will find in this emptied bag full of money (more than  777,000,000 euros roughly over 1,000,000,000 dollars) in your room at night.

For this you must on your side give me to sacrifice a human life (see some of your relatives), or part of your  body, or years in your life or your fertility.

But before any work I must make you first a clairvoyance to better understand your problem and to see if this power which you ask of me adapts to your  soul. No Comment, it's not a bluff !!!

#  AVAILABLE 24 / 24H and 7 / 7JRS

#  Results succeed 100% Guaranteed or immediate refund.

#  Parcel sent by  DHL  or by the POST closest to you.

#  Can be moved anywhere, where the need is felt around the world.

The seriousness of my work will solve your problems of impotence, professional, commercial, love and they will not remain without solutions. The great African marabout is the one you need, for the works of disenchantment or protection, prosperity in business, problems of dependence or powerlessness, attraction of luck and money ... , you will come out of it that satisfied ... I am without a doubt, the Master marabout honest in his work, to tell the truth, how to act and whatever the difficulty which gnaws at you. I will undertake to solve your love problems, because many are those who appeal to him in despair, when their husbands or wives have decided to leave or to divorce suddenly, with reason or without reason, to which I ' ended, and brought harmony back to their relationship. Master marabout, will accompany you in your concerns contact me, and you will see the extent of the action of my powers.


  • +229-95627056 - Les Orès Kossi 1



23 janvier 2024



The purpose of disenchantment (or release) is to cleanse the body and mind of a person with black magic through a ritual. The body thus freed from bad vibrations regains its energy and all its capacities.

There are 5 solutions to bewitched, they depend on the type of bewitchment suffered and its degree  intensity:

  1. The ritual of  free disenchantment  : do it yourself, it is useful in cases of light bewitchments. Indeed, the amateur can perform a ritual of disenchantment. It does not carry any risk because it is white magic. In the best case scenario, the symptoms of black magic will go away. Unfortunately, it happens frequently that they reappear in the following weeks because no ritual intended for beginners provides sufficient protection against powerful dark witchcraft. Therefore, in order to  remove black magic for sure, I recommend calling in a specialist.

  2. the  lead disenchantment  : it is the most common, it is used for the disenchantment of a person at a distance (spell level 1 and 2). As in all rituals, it will include the photo of the person concerned, ingredients (candles, incense, disenchantment filter, stones, etc.) and an incantation (prayer at the end of a ritual).

  3. the  disenchantment with salt  : used to unenchant a place (bad luck on a house, room, cellar, attic ...)

  4. the  disenchantment by fire  : it is necessary when the spell is very powerful (spell level 3). Only a specialist in white magic or high magic can unsnap a person with fire.

  5. Finally, the  disenchantment in love  helps a person to separate from their spouse.

The return to the sender of witchcraft

Thanks to an effective disenchantment, it is possible to send back the evil, the return to the sender is also called "  law of the triple return  "

Indeed, it is possible to return the evil on the person having cast a black magic spell (or the one having ordered it). However, free disenchantment rituals do not include return to sender because triple return can only be performed by a professional. You need to have a good knowledge of  witchcraft  to determine what type of spell was used so that it can be negated and reversed.

What are the symptoms of a black magic spell?

The physical and psychological symptoms of black magic


  • Generalized fatigue: heavy legs, fatigue, stiffness, feeling of back pain

  • Tightness and pain in the solar plexus - Fragile sleep - Persistent headaches

  • Sexual problems

  • Anxiety for no particular reason - Frequent depression

  • Sensation of bites on the body (neck, limb) especially during a full moon

  • Repeated nightmares, dreams of death

Social symptoms and other signs of black magic


  • Frequent disputes  : friends, relatives and colleagues move away,

  • Irritability  : a nothing triggers a black anger,

  • A working knowledge of black magic or voodoo,

  • Objects that change place or disappear.

  • Electric problem

  • Frequent breakdowns (car, household appliances, TV, etc.)

  • Abnormal noises, especially at night ...

What are the symptoms of a black magic spell?

Are you really spellbound? The test

It should be noted that the signs of bewitching black magic can be confused with a state of fatigue, stress, or depression. This is the reason why it is important, first of all, to consult a doctor in order to have a medical opinion. Indeed, white magic can in no way replace medicine.

Subsequently, it will be possible to respond to the  spell test  to determine if you are showing signs of a black magic spell. Be  sincere in your answers so that this test of bewitchment is as precise as possible because the disenchantment of a person is not a trivial act. Whatever the result of this test, know that there is always a solution  : in most cases, a simple disenchantment from a distance will suffice.

The free disenchantment ritual

The free do-it-yourself spell is used when the spell is level 1.  A beginner can then perform a disenchantment ritual for himself or for another person. This does not involve any risk because it is  white magic .

In the case of a release for another person, the ritual and the disenchantment filter will be identical, only the photo and the incantation will change.  If the disenchantment works, the person will feel better quickly. Then she will be totally disenchanted 30 days after the last ritual, that is to say, she will no longer present any symptoms of black magic.

It should be noted that there are no side effects after a disenchantment. In addition, a free release ritual comes with strong protection. However, it will always be less effective than a lead disintegration performed by a specialist.

My disenchantment rituals from a distance

If you think you have been bewitched (or a loved one), and you do not wish to perform a disenchantment ritual yourself, then I can help you.

To start, I invite you to take the free spell test on this site. Depending on the results obtained, you can take  contact  using the form or by email.

Then, I will let you know what are the elements to provide me (photos, date of birth, others…) in order to carry out a first study (free) to determine precisely if you are the object of a black magic spell. Finally, if it is possible for me to help you, I will offer you 1 to 3 disenchantment rituals which will pay off.

    +229-95627056 - Les Orès Kossi 1




23 janvier 2024


23 janvier 2024

Emotional return or love return?

Emotional return or love return?


Many people confuse these two terms, or associate them by mistake. Indeed, the emotional return is different from the love return. It is for this reason that there is an emotional return ritual and a loving return ritual.

The difference concerns the person to whom it is addressed. Indeed, the emotional return (also called return of affection), consists in bringing back  affectively  loved one. Therefore, it will be a child, friend, relative or other person. To sum up, there is no notion of love in terms of a couple. We will retain the notion of affection. 

The return in love, as for him, and as its name suggests, implies the notion of love. It consists in recovering the loved one. It aims to restore harmony in a couple, to find the love of his spouse or his ex, of a woman or a man, even of a lover ...

It is true that using the wrong term presents no problem when calling on a Mage, because the latter will necessarily perform the correct ritual. However, a novice will have no result if he makes an emotional return by wanting to get his ex back (or, on the contrary, if he makes a love comeback by wishing to find a friend).

Its operation

Only the Magus,  specialist in white magic, is able to practice a powerful return of affection. However, a novice can do this ritual himself, which is available for free on this site (he will only have to get a little material and a few ingredients, all this will not cost him dearly). I would like to point out that this is not a professional ritual, but a ritual for beginners. Therefore it is simplified and therefore less powerful.

For emotional feedback to work, the Mage uses a support. This is usually one or more photos of the people involved. In addition, some use other information and various ingredients. For example, the dates of birth, the date of separation, the length of the relationship and the distance between the two people are used to reinforce the power of the spell. In addition, some rituals include something belonging to the person to be returned: a jewel, a hair, a nail ... Finally, know that it is possible to work only with the photo of the requesting party, as long as it is this is recent. This is called "  the dagyde method  », It is about a wax figurine which replaces the photograph of the person to be brought back.

Finally, the Mage decides how many rituals to perform. Indeed, it is possible to accumulate up to 3 rituals in a row (one per evening). It will depend on the situation, the receptivity of people and other parameters. Doing more than 3 rituals is usually useless, the results will not be better.

The truth about returning affection

I will not open here the debate aimed at discrediting the work of professionals in white magic. There are some very good, some not so good, and others who should not be practicing, as in all professions. To summarize :

YES , emotional feedback does exist and it actually works. The hundreds of reviews and testimonials you will find on my site prove it.

YES , the result is lasting. The person found does not leave at the end of the spell, nor after. However, it is up to the applicant to ensure that the relationship continues thereafter.

NO , the return of the loved one does not act against a person's will. My works correspond to white magic. As a result,  it is about the use of energies and magnetism that each of us possesses. Magnetism exists, it has been demonstrated for years. I use it to direct one person to another, nothing more.  

NO , the person does not remain spellbound, nor controlled, because it is neither voodoo, nor  black magic.

    +229-95627056 - Les Orès Kossi 1




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Great marabout of the world | Solve your problems |Attract Love and Wealth
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Très généreux et très puissant, il nourrit tous les vodouns. « Il fait beaucoup de bien à ceux qui se confient à lui pour avoir la protection. Une femme qui n’a pas d’enfant peut se confier à lui. Elle l’aura au plus dans dix mois. Le Vodoun guérit les maladies mentales. Il sert de ferme-camp aux footballeurs. Il purifie l’homme du mauvais sort », a cité Zanzan Zinho, parlant des bienfaits de ce Vodoun. « Mais, les grands-parents l’utilisaient pour renvoyer en exil, recommander à quelqu’un de se tuer et pour prendre la femme d’autrui » a précisé le grand chef. « Si tu t’accroches à ce Vodoun les sorciers ne pourront jamais t’atteindre, plus, ils te fuiront partout. Tous les vodouns utilisent une partie de sa puissance » a confié Sanvi, un initié et serviteur de Zanzan Zinho. De nos jours, les prêtres refusent de pratiquer le Vodoun sous l’angle négatif, comme le faisaient les grands parents. Pour les nouveaux prêtres de la génération moderne, ce vodoun est honnête et qu’on lui soit réciproquement. « Pour avoir la puissance au même titre que les grands parents, il faut faire le carême pendant quarante et un jours sans se laver », a rappelé le grand chef. Le Vodoun Gambada est représenté par les objets tels que la queue du cheval, la poudre, le sifflet, du parfum, de la bougie. Les temples du Vodoun Gambada sont repartis sur tout le territoire national. Chaque département a un leader. Le président de tous les leaders est le sieur Zanzan Zinho Klèdjè. Il est intronisé par le roi Dagbo Hounon. A la fin de chaque année, tous les leaders vont à la forêt rencontrer l’esprit du Vodoun pour renforcer les puissances de chaque temple. Le jour de repos du Vodoun est le lundi. Comme les musulmans, les adeptes de ce vodoun font leur messe les vendredis de 10h à 14h. « Blékété » et « Dodohoun » sont les rythmes qui sont chantés pour louer et remercier le Vodoun.Toutes les feuilles perdent leurs force en mois de juin

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Great marabout of the world | Solve your problems |Attract Love and Wealth
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